Spirit to Serve Nomination

Discussion created by net on Jan 11, 2014
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I am nominating Carrie from the Milwaukee Marriott Downtown for the Spirit to Serve Award. She provided exceptional service and provided it with an attitude that portrayed her true intention to go the extra mile to serve a guest. Here is what happened:


Prior to checking in at the Marriott, I had finished my work meetings for the day and was headed to the Marriott in my rental car. I noticed that one of the buttons on my expensive Eton dress shirt had fallen off. I drove around town rather aimlessly for the next half-hour looking for a place that could put the button on since I needed to wear the shirt again the next day. (I think it's one of the travel tips - pack lightly and wear the same dress shirt twice during the same week). I wasn't able to find a place to put on the button since it was getting late and most places were closed for the day.


So I checked in at the Marriott where I was greeted with a big smile and welcome from Carrie. She was standing out in front of the reception desk, instead of behind it, which was very welcoming (and was probably a sign of the exceptional service I was about to receive).


I asked Carrie if she knew of a place that could help with my button and I showed her the problem. She immediately brought me a sewing kit which had all the materials to do the repair, so searching for a place was no longer necessary. The button should be back on before morning.


But I told Carrie there was one more problem, I don't know how to sew on a button. Okay, I suppose it's rare that an adult can't sew on a button, but some of us can't, so unfortunately the button problem wasn't resolved yet. Without hesitation, Carrie calmly stepped aside from the reception desk and proceeded to give me very clear and helpful verbal instructions on how to sew on the button using the sewing kit. It was great service at a time when I thought I was in a bind.


Prior to leaving the reception desk to go sew on the button, I asked one more question about the positioning of the button. And that's when Carrie's Spirit to Serve intuition went into high gear. She realized that I would probably spend the next hour working on the button, stick my finger at least twice with the needle, and end up with a misplaced button that dangles down about an inch from the shirt itself.


So Carrie politely asked if it would be better if she sewed on the button, using the sewing kit, while I went up and unpacked my luggage. I hadn't even considered that she might sew on the button, but I jumped at the offer with an emphatic yes - good idea.


It wasn't the magnitude of the problem that was solved - I realize that sewing on a button isn't a complex task for most people - but it was the genuine intention to serve that Carrie exhibited that was uplifting for me. She approached the whole situation in a manner that showed it was truly her spirit to provide exceptional service, and that it's just part of how she addresses her job.


Oh, and the best part of the experience... while unpacking my luggage there was a knock at the door. It was Carrie hand-delivering the finished shirt!