Don't use points for one room and pay for another on same trip/same hotel.

Discussion created by lredford on Jan 6, 2014
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I used points for one room for a five day stay at the Marriott on Coronado Island in March 2013. During this same visit I also paid for one room. I do this and put my grown sons in one room and my wife and I stay in the other. I soon found out that I did not get credit for my five paid stays. I did receive the points but I did not get credit for the stays toward an elite rewards level.  Had I put the rewards stay under my son's name I would have gotten credit for the paid stay.....this is in the Rewards fine print.


BEWARE! This is a real moronic policy. I paid $2000 plus for the room and do not get the nights credit. In Marriott's defense I did get the points but I would also like the night stay credits. This is how we get to Platinum Elite isn't it?