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Discussion created by mraddicted on Jan 7, 2014
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I know that there are many posts where folks are venting and questioning the collective decision making of the Marriott mind, but I for one am very pleased at the progress I've seen recently.  A little patience is always helpful when dealing with a large corporation, but Marriott, in my opinion, has done a darn good job of turning the direction of the program in new and improved ways.  Here are a few of my recent observations along with a few hopes or the future!


  • Breakfast and lounge access on weekend (HOOT HOOT) 
  • Mileage Pus Partnership - AWESOME - Bring more offers  like this!
  • Elite renewal process - Nice to see a little compassion for long term members who are just short of goal.  Develops heavy loyalty where other competitors fail here miserably.
  • New Web Site - Very Nice...
  • Integration with Vacation club members...well done
  • Hotel Upgrades.....a lot of progress in 2013
  • Lifetime membership - very endearing - makes me feel like family



Hopes for 2014

  • Miss the wine and chees platinum gifts
  • Room upgrades - some properties hold back - rooms are available online but only offered for upgrade if you force the issue
  • Credit Card bonus nights  - allow nights for both personal and biz cards to be combined
  • Multiple rooms towards nights stayed - Allow for accrual if you have more that 1 room at a time for immediate family
  • Bring back the elite $1000 gift certificates - PLEASE!!!!!!
  • Would enjoy a discount price for full buffet breakfast in lieu of lounge for elites on occasion
  • Point values for vacation club week trades have become diluted over time - find a way to be more equitable



Thanks for listening Marriott.  I look forward to what you have in store for the future!