Changing MegaBonus Offer -- confirmation not provided?

Discussion created by raydon22 on Jan 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2014 by iahflyr

For the MegaBonus that ends January 15, 2014, I received the "Stay 20 nights, get 40,000 points" offer. I had never done this before but I called MR customer service to change my offer to the "free night after two stays" offer instead. The representative said "we do not usually do this" but will make an exception for you (. I asked if I would see the change in my account, but he said no -- the adjustment will be made at the end of the promotion period (Jan 15). I also asked for a confirmation email saying that the change has been made, but he said no -- we don't do that. In other words, I have to just "trust them" that it will be done.


For those of you who have successfully changed your MegaBonus offers in the past, is this how it works?


I'm a bit anxious as I had enough stays to maximize the free night offer (two free nights), but not enough nights to make the 40,000 points offer.