Membership upgrade based upon future bookings possible ?

Discussion created by pepijnp on Jan 3, 2014
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I'm relatively new to the Marriott Rewards program.  Actually, I'm just new to staying at Marriott hotels too ;-)


I used to stay at hotels in different chains, and was a Platinum member at two of them in the past. (Still am Platinum at one, but that's fading out since I no longer stay with them that much...)  I got fed up with the service I received at the hotel chain I used to use for the past four years, so I decided to switch brands.  Marriott is one of the two brands I selected to try out since late 2013.


Being accustomed to the service of at least Gold or Platinum membership, it's a bit of a struggle to return to a level where you have no status at all when entering a hotel. (Last year, I stayed for approx. 100 days in hotels... you easily get annoyed by bad/no service.  Same goes for airlines too by the way, I love my status there and would not want to miss it and go back to standard economy treatment without lounges and priority lines)


But even more than just missing the extra smile at the reception desk or so, I miss the free internet and other services that come with these statuses.  I just can't remember I had to pay $10 to $20 USD a day to be able to use the internet in a hotel over the past few years... and now at Marriott, being only a Silver member I have to accept these items to be charged.


So my question is : Is there a way to request Marriott to upgrade me to at least Gold level based upon the short time I showed my loyalty to them and the fact that I have made reservations already to easily become Gold over the next few months anyway ?


Looking forward hearing from both Starwood staff as experiences from other 'Insiders'.