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Booking Vacation through Marriott Travel.

Question asked by caribbeantraveler on Jan 3, 2014

We booked our vacation for the first time through Marriot Vacation Web site which found a was overall good experience. When I went to look for my conformation in marriott site did no show up until I inputted the confirmation number and did not show up both rooms so I called and Marriott Patinum elite agent they found it was under my one room was under my wife name and other under my name. When Asked about earn points I was informed that no points becaused I used a "third party wholesale travel company". I understand that companies uses venders but if the vender that is choosen to represent your company and consumer is lead to believe it is part of the a company, then I am not sure why you would refer to them as a third party wholesale travel company? I went in Marriott web site clicked on Marriott travel and tried to book the trip on line but had issue with booking the air fare so a called the 800 number on Marriott site and got greeting stating that was a Marriott travel. The travel staff was very helpful and got the air fair we need to get to our Marriot resort destination (with a significant price increase). Not once was I told I was working with a wholesale travel company. and was never advised that I would not recieve Marriott reward points for our stay at Marriot resort. If I had found Cheapo travel on internet and they gave a price on a vaction trip which included a stay at Marriott resort I would understand that  I may not recieve Marriott reward points. If Marriott decided to work with a travel company to arrange travel to Marriott resorts from marriott web site and act as if they are Marriott then need honner in rewarding Marriott points.