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Has anyone noticed how bad the pillows have gotten in Feather Free Rooms?

Question asked by foxcode on Jan 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by moonflower

I have asthma, so a feather free room is not simply a matter of a preference; it is a matter of Superman avoiding Kryptonite!  I had a recent conversation with a Director of Operations at one of our frequented resorts. He explained that since the property is a franchise, a board actually has to vote for them to replace pillows. Unbelievable! I should start taking pictures of the things they have provided that are suppose to be synthetic pillows - My animals sleep on better bedding. Then if I see the brochure one more time that shows a Lady reclining, where they are offering bedding for sale, I find it ironic and kind of tongue in cheek. - Just my Two-Cents!