Robotic TSA Replacements

Discussion created by anadyr on Dec 31, 2013

I see that some European countries have begun to use robots to enhance, or in some cases, replace humans for spotting terrorists at airports.  Interesting.


But I wonder how long it will be before the robots begin to gain weight, steal from bags passing through scanners, and then be found sleeping on the job?  Oh well, progress is its own reward,


I can see it know: an r2d2-type machine prowls the hallways at Frankfurt au Main spotting a suspicious-looking person using a cell phone.  Rolling up to her, the machine says, "pardon me but I noticed you are using a mobile (English being the default language adaptation to the vernacular a given for these smarter-than-us-things) and wondered who you were calling and why? My database tells me that you may be a terrorist.


Suddenly the machine is surrounded by mean looking security personnel who remove the back and take out the batteries. The machine falls silent with a whirring sound.


One of the security men says to the lady with the phone, "Es tut mir Leid, dass es nicht wieder vorkommen werden, Frau Merkel!"


Yep, could happen.


Happy New Year all!!!!!