Turmoil and Travel, Does it Matter?

Discussion created by anadyr on Dec 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by profchiara

Some of us scan US Department of State Consular bulletins for light reading, or as members of the Department of State's Overseas Advisory Council, participate in conference calls on trouble spots around the world, or none of the above. 

As many of you have, I have heard harrowing tales of getting our of a place just in time, and being relieved to do so.


My question then is:  What is your calculus for deciding to go or not to go to a place, if based on threats, real or perceived, posted about a destination?


And an ancillary one:  what harrowing experiences have you had while in a place that you'd like to share?


Mine are run of the mill: just missing being blown up at a major airport, getting out of a riot torn city virtually on the last plane out, and being targeted by terrorist groups in both the UK and continental Europe. No biggies. Interesting bar talk at least these days.


I would love to hear what you've experienced, as well as about canceled adventures that you've had.