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Planning First Trip w/ Points - Rome

Question asked by zachary on Jan 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2014 by zachary


     I am a Marriott platinum elite member and premier card holder. I managed to rack up over 300K points since April. My wife and I want to go explore Rome. Some hotels let me pay in points, but some do not. I was wondering, if you purchase a travel package (7nights+miles), can it be redeemed at the hotels that do not accept points? This would give us more options of Marriott hotels within Rome. We could use some advice from travelers on Marriott's within Rome. We are specifically going to experience the history of the city.

     Also, are travel packages the best bang for your buck?


     I could also use some advice on these:

- If you spend your points, does it reduce your status?

- Where can you see your elite status credits/points?