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Luxury in Naples, Florida?

Question asked by clebert on Jan 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2014 by eight50fun

Planning a weekend in Naples without kids and would like a place on the beach or with beach access.  Looks like Marriott only has the Ritz Carlton on Vanderbilt Beach or the Marco Island Marriott.  Ritz is almost $500/night whereas Marco Island is $300 but further from Naples than I'd like to be.  The Waldorf Astoria looks nice, has beach access, and is only $200/night even after the resort fee.  I don't have elite status at Hilton and prefer Marriott when possible.  But the last couple of Marriott stays have been a disaster, so maybe it's time to shift allegiance to Hilton?  Or am I asking for trouble booking a $200 night hotel and expecting luxury?  Maybe it's time to pony up for the Ritz?  Or use Marriott points for the Ritz?  Or are there other good options in Naples?  Please help!  Thanks!