Hotel Chatter 2013 Awards

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HotelChatter 2013 Awards Epilogue || HotelChatter


With the snow storm coming and the New Year's Day holiday, plenty of time to digest all of the meaty topics regarding hotels above (but stay with us as Insiders).


Marriott's (w/Ian Schrager) London Edition was awarded Best new hotel opening. The Worst view award is exactly why we are members of Marriott Rewards. The growing concept of The 24 Hour Hotel rate is an interesting trend, The 13 Things You Wished didn't happen in hotels (in the Best List Award category) is a train wreck of a list and trust me, can be bypassed (but you won't), and yes, as we had already sensed, Mobile Check In, with Marriott as a leader, is here to stay (with even a personal note to me and my flip phone ), plus several other interesting topics.


The 2013 New Hotel List was interesting and I look forward to the upcoming 2014 list.


Dig in and share your thoughts on whatever you find - thanks