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SCAM on Gregs List???

Question asked by danielaadams on Dec 28, 2013

     on gregs list this morning i was searching for vacation rental housing in Portland or.  i came across an ad where a man is selling his "family reward points" . for 200.00 dollars the seller is offering a 12 month consecutive stay at the marriott hotel . it does not specify which hotel; as there are several here in Portland. the picture on the post seemed to be a computer screen with a hotel search site  and showed about 5 different hotels around town with prices ranging from 39.99 to 150 or so. the poster said his dead line is jan. 2nd , then mentioned something about there only being something like 5 slots left. and be serious and ready to pay because he needs a new vehicle..

    my questions are this:1.)This is obviously a scam, right?  2.) Is this a possibility? is it possible this man could have acquired that much free hotel time? 3.) even if he was in fact combining his points with his family members points? 4.) is there any validity in the usage of his verbiage in regards to marriot terminology. such as "family points"  or a contrived(but maybe not) "jan. 2nd DEAD LINE."

     Im trying to be as objective as possible here. and give the benefit of doubt. but im afraid i am clueless, unlike you, on policy's and procedures at marriott hotels or promotions or what ever. please let me know what you know . thanks