Amateur Night-Not A Poll :-)

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A friend who formerly worked for the FBI and another who currently works for the California Highway Patrol told me that they refer to New Year's Eve as "Amateur Night," the time when otherwise sensible people imbibe too much and do bad things on the road to themselves and others. And lest anyone draw inappropriate conclusions, neither has ever arrested me! (that's my story at least)


Madame Anadyr and I have gotten to the stage that we stay in at the Chateau (known locally as Le Grande Dump) New Year's Eve and watch the Times Square ball drop at 9pm our time, sharing a bottle or box of whatever is on hand. The servants are off to bed or their second jobs, or polishing the fleet, so we have the place to ourselves.


Much safer and then there's the much-cheaper-angle too.


A friend invited us to go to the Monterey Peninsula Country Club (MPCC), which given the age of its members, decided that 9 was the time to have the toast, and then go home!  Tempting and about three quarters of a mile from the casa. But...


We demurred, citing the amateur night consideration and adding that Pebble Beach, where MPCC is located, is famous for having no, and zilch, nada, zip street lights, with winding roads with stray deer on them, and road signs the size of Forever Postage Stamps.  Driving there at night Jill, our GPS, often gives up and announces, "Sorry, you're on your own buddy." She then goes to sleep, perchance to dream or worse yet, to update her maps!


So here is to a safe and sound celebration this December 31st. May all Insiders be safe, so that we (or me at least) can continue to bloviate in the New Year.


As Robbie Burns famously said:


Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!


Happy New Year