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Bizarre Policy At Detroit Ren Cen, Or Is It?

Question asked by andrewinfl on Dec 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2014 by gemprincess

I am a lifetime Platinum and recently stayed at the Detroit RenCen hotel. With the concierge lounge closed, I was provided a coupon for breakfast -- per Marriott policy for platinums and golds.


However, the certificate -- I was told -- only covered "bread products." Its stated value is $15. As soon as banana became part of my breakfast, I was charged an additional $4. Aside from the absurdity of two pastries, a small Dannon yogurt and a banana tipping the scales at nearly $20, it strikes me as odd that food that would normally be available in the concierge lounge results in an up charge in the breakfast restaurant.


When I questioned the policy via Marriott customer service, I received two emails from senior management at the hotel nicely -- but firmly -- stating that's the way it is.


Has anyone else experienced this sort of up charge? The $4 is no big deal, but it's the principle of saying "bread is free, fruit is not" to the platinums and golds who would normally enjoy a banana -- or even a strawberry -- with no additional fee.


-- Andrew In Florida