Marriott Rewards Credit Card--Elite Nights Promise AFTER approval

Discussion created by dr_rob on Dec 26, 2013
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In the HEADER line of the invitation for the credit card it says that I would receive 15 elite nights after approval.  So I called and asked the representative to clarify this and VERIFY that I would received these nights after approval and the nights would be credited to THIS YEAR.  I asked 3 times.   Within 15 minutes I was approved, and I have not yet received these nights.

I just called and the credit card representative now says it may take 6 weeks to award the nights. 




Given the huge recent thread about the confusion, this is just another reason why I'm considering canceling this card as it is just like all other credit card gimmicks.  I don't have time to read through it all.  What's the point.  They either provide decent service and are honest or not.   


I expected much more from Marriott.  Perhaps it's time to look for another hotel program.


I will spend some time in the next couple days raising hell about this and reporting back to this thread about this adventure.


Anybody have the same experience?