Discussion created by profchiara on Jan 1, 2014

Hi all,

I had planned a trip to Morocco last year, but things got dicey in the Maghreb and I cancelled it.  I think a few of you answered, but I'm curious if any of you have been since or would suggest a (very) short trip.  I could only go 4 days at the end of January before the spring semester begins, which means (judging by the train times I have seen) I would have to stay where I fly to (Rabat or Casablanca).  If anyone has been to either, would you think such a short trip would be worth it?  Sometimes that's how I like to do new stays in completely new places, to decide if I want to go back, but in this case both medical and employment issues would keep it from being even a few days longer.  [My 4 days would not include the flight days.]

Thanks, ProfChiara