Tire-ing tales

Discussion created by anadyr on Dec 26, 2013

Well, as you know from my previous posts, the beast requires constant maintenance--curse you Stuttgart workers--and this being the day after Christmas, off I went to the Palais d' Michelen for an apparent slow leak in the rear left tire.  I was first in line so the Beignets were still in the oven, but the French Roast, flown in from, duh, France was ready for tasting.

I forewent the white table cloth section of the salon d' waiting, for the more approachable (and Michelin one star) cafe, facing the Chrysler dealership.


Seems that the latest Robb Report was being read by someone else so I unrolled my Journal, and read the following:


A Los Angeles ordinance requiring hotels to turn over guest records to police without a warrant violates the Constitution, a federal appeals court ruled.


The judges on the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, who split 7-4, found hotels have an interest in keeping guest records private, even if the guests themselves have no such privacy rights because they willingly give their information to a third party.


"The business records covered by [the ordinance] are the hotel's private property," wrote Judge Paul Watford for the majority in a ruling released Tuesday. "By virtue of those property-based interests, the hotel has the right to exclude others from prying into the contents of its records."


Nice to know that we have some privacy after all.


About that time, my vehicle was done, the platinum premier rim was readjusted to fix my soon to be flat, and off I went, secure in the knowledge that not only was there air in my tires (Nitrogen/Bavarian Air mix actually), but freedom from unwarranted search of hotel records!


Happy Boxing and Tire Fixing day to all!