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Marriott Visa vs Chase Saphirre Preferred (if you have a great deal of Marriott pts to start)

Question asked by luis111503 on Dec 23, 2013
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I have just joined the forum and I am excited to be here! I have read some of the great information that folks have provided on the site and I hope to contribute as well as be a beneficiary!


My question centers around credit cards and which one would be the best choice for my situation detailed below:

  • Marriott Rewards member with a large amount of points already accumulated.
  • Currently have a Blue Chase Sapphire card currently. I called Chase and was told I could upgrade to the Chase Sapphire Preferred but could not get the 50K bonus because it is not a new account.
  • Travel 2x a month for work. Northeast Corridor as well as West Coast. Stay in Marriotts whenever possible.
  • Travel internationally for leisure travel.
  • Looking to continue to accumulate points best way possible.


I get the sense that given Chase's answer regarding not getting the 50k bonus that the Marriott card would be my best choice. However, I want to be sure and would like to get any other opinions on the site.


Thank you all very much in advance!