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San Francisco - advice please?

Question asked by barbaracollins on Dec 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2017 by ozmodiar

Hi everyone,


I'm going to San. Francisco with my family (husband & 2 kids (9 and 7) at the end of July. We're on a 2 week vacation and are spending first 4 nights in San Francisco and then hoping to exhange our Marriott Timeshare into Lake Tahoe or similar.


Anyway, your advice would be gratefully received on whether to stay at the Ritz Carlton or the JW Marriott.  I have made a points reservation at both, and need to choose.  The reviews on here for all the San Francisco Marriott's are quite poor, which steers me towards the Ritz, but I equally am nervous that we won't get a decent room/club access even as Plat. Members as they're less likely to acknowledge that.


I then, have a second question, which is if we can't trade our timeshare week, I was looking at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay.  They have a whole week available on points for a:- Guest Hse Firepit, Guest room, 1 King or 2 Double, HMB Golf Course view  room.  Has anyone stayed in one of these? Or there are options to stay in a Junior Suite with a cash upgrade (I don't think I'd get the 400,000 points by July!)  The Guest Hse Firepit is complimentary parking, where as the other options are 45USD a day.

Any experiences, views, words of wisdom you may have will be very gratefully received!

Thanks in advance,