MCS: Email or Phone Call?

Discussion created by kk_z1 on Dec 22, 2013
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Often times I reach a point where I need to decide whether to spend a couple of minutes over the phone with Marriott Rewards Customer Service or just send an e-mail note using the Online Web Form submission. I have tried both (for various issues) and have come to the following observations (strictly based on my experience):


1. While E-mail is a convenient way to send in your request while you are working on various other things, it is always best to speak with a customer service rep live on the phone and state your concerns in a polite manner.

2. Of all the times that I sent in e-mail requests, I always got responses which made me think whether the person even read the request and paid any attention or not?

3. MCS on the phone are generally good to deal with and understand the issues, and at times will try their best to resolve your issue when on the call. Hence, giving you a more fulfilling sense of being a valued Elite customer


My suggestion, always make a call to Marriott Rewards Customer Service and speak with them live. You will avoid wasting your time in sending 3-4 e-mail follow-up's in order to make the E-mail customer service folks understand the concern (chances are that they will thank you for loyalty and you will not get a favorable response because they just want to get done with their e-mail volume). Share your thoughts and experiences and suggestions around this topic.