What was your MegaBonus Offer (for Spring 2014)?

Discussion created by erc on Dec 19, 2013
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Well our MegaBonus experts are not available (painedplatinum is in Outer Mongolia gathering yak wool for Christmas sweaters and ssindc , whose format this copies exactly, is snapping photos of something off the coast of somewhere), so with apologies to our normal experts, here's another go at it - no doubt the responses will once again demonstrate the consistent inconsistency of this program. So far on FlyerTalk folks have gotten turned down in making changes, have made changes, have gotten Cat. 4 certificate offers, Cat. 5 certificate offers etc etc. Let's see what our group gets. Per usual iahflyr and yours truly, due to the apparent marks on our permanent record received nada, zip, nothing, the big goose egg and must call and request an offer - which is fine by me, as long as they continue providing me a chance for some free stay somewhere (heck, I'll go to a neighborhood SpringHill just to eat waffles - but for you road warriors, that don't feed the bulldog - so let's hear from you). And once again, I post here because the exposure to other Insiders is far greater than just the Exclusive News thread (although as communitymanagers has wisely suggested, we should all occasionally check there for other news and offers).




OK, folks, back to the effective ssindc format: starting today December 19th, we'll all receive our personalized Megabonus offer for Spring 2014 (already proven wrong).  Here's the advance plug on Marriott Insiders:


To the extent that Marriott indicated that "each promotional offer is personalized for factors such as a member’s history with the Rewards program, frequency and nature of travel, along with plenty of other factors," it will be fascinating to see what each of us is offered. So...


What MegaBonus deal were you offered?  (Please post below.)  If you want to make this more interesting, please also post your current status and lifetime status.