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What are some of your memorable family Christmas traditions?

Question asked by fschumpert on Dec 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2013 by profchiara

Strange as it might sound, growing up in South Carolina,  my father always cooked his special oyster stew on Christmas Eve, and we children were not allowed to open any presents until after the noon meal on Christmas day. My mother always baked a turkey along with the same sweet potato dressing recipe I posted at Thanksgiving recently, rice 'n turkey gravy (with chopped eggs and turkey giblets), green beans, her special cornbread dressing (which I'm not allowed to let the recipe out of the family treasures) and ambrosia (sliced oranges, chopped pineapple, English walnuts and shredded fresh cocoanut, which we opened and cut from the shell the night before. My wife and I still serve the same stew on Christmas Eve here in Chattanooga, TN., and serve mostly the same menu 7 decades later.