TSA -The Government Strikes Again!

Discussion created by profchiara on Dec 15, 2013
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No, I am not speaking about France, Italy or Greece -- but the USA.


As a Delta nearly Diamond Medallion, I have ALWAYS gotten international pre-check since they started it about 7 months ago.  I was always told it was because certain airlines validated your status.


But then the TSA (and the US government) decided to sell pre-check to all and every bidder who paid for it.  Guess what?  I checked in for my flight to Europe tomorrow and no TSA Pre-Check showed up on my ticket.  I called the first person at Delta who was clueless.  The second time I called I spoke to a supervisor.  He told me the government has taken charge of pre-check (as opposed to the airlines sponsoring it in the past) and that people who are paying the fees to get through pre-check are getting priority.  He apologized, but could do nothing.


This is the only time since int'l precheck that it has not shown up on my ticket, despite 100,000 miles this year, all international.


So tell me, please, is TSA interested in security or is the government interested in money from those willing to pay for it?  The answer seems clear to me.  Contrary to past experience, the Delta supervisor said he could not override the new governmental rules -- and when I said I guess "money rules" he said he thought I was right.


This is an outrage.  I despise the TSA in any case because of the horrible experiences I've had with them, but for the US government to sell to the highest bidders easy access makes it a big joke on all of us -- and possibly much, much worse.