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Shocking at the lack of individualized customer service for a Platinum Premier Member...

Question asked by raideralan on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by fschumpert

I'm a Platinum Premier Member with over 1,200 stays at Marriott.  That's over 4 years of my life in a Marriott hotel.  Now, I have a change in job status where I have joined an early stage medical device company in the Bay Area.  I have unique needs during a six month transition period.  And, I can't even get a name, phone #, or email to talk to anyone at Marriott to determine if they can meet my needs during this period.  It's unfortunate as I will be staying in hotels approximately 60 nights over the next 4-5 months.


If anyone knows a corporate Marriott person that actually cares, I welcome that contact information.


Thank you,