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Roman Holiday, The Vatican,Touring with a Guide!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Dec 12, 2013
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The Vatican is truly one beautiful place to visit, and having a guide makes it even better!  (I am not Catholic) There is just so much of interest in the many sights here, however, with a plan, you can make it even more memorable.


The day was beautiful and when we pulled the car up, you cold see long lines in the plaza in front.  We just got out, got a photo, and went to the back of The Vatican and entered there, NO line, and walked toward The Sistine Chapel.  I think the entry fee was around 18 EU, but it was wonderful just getting out and walking in!


The Vatican walls are enormous, and the rear entrance is just to the left of this rear corner.  A nifty way to avoid a crowd!  Than-you guide!


That's Patrick!  Up the escalator, and on to "The Sistine Chapel".  Remember if you go, The Vatican is NOT air conditioned!  The lines will be long in The Summer, so make sure you plan your trip well.  Even on a "Direct route" you will encounter many steps and a reasonable walk, however, this was the way to do it for me!


The Garden in the rear of The Vatican were stunning!  That is the top of The Vatican in the center.  This garden is a wonderful place to "Catch your breath", have a refreshment if you like, or just enjoy the splendid views.  Next, on to The Sistine Chapel.


You walk down a long hallway prior to The Sistine Chapel, you can take photo's talk, etc., here, but once in The Chapel", you cannot.  Patrick, who is Catholic, pointed out what the various scenes in The Sistine Chapel depicted and historical facts of the lovely place.  He also said, "You know it is a good day at The Sistine Chapel, if you can see the floor"!  The crowd was small so there was plenty of floor to see, in the Summer, be prepared!


On place that was a real "Highlight", was just after The Sistine Chapel, there is a "Must stop", The Vatican Gift Shop.  Here the items are "Blessed by The Pope, and way cheaper than anything you will find around The Vatican!  The Nun's run the shop and snapped at my picture taking, so don't tell them I took these shots!



This is the place to shop, you will make many people happy with a gift from here!


Patrick was helping pick Christmas gifts for friends, and The Sister to the left was "Having a bad day"!


This is another room you leave from the gift shop!  It was busy, and had wonderful items, I was amazed at how reasonable the prices were!

From here you walk inside the Vatican and it was again "Stunning"!



Upon entering, just to your right is The Pieta, a beautiful statue!


Walk around the Vatican and enjoy the many historical sights!  Upon leaving, it was a delight to see:


The Swiss Guard!  One was "Mixing it up with the crowd" as another was on guard.  Very special entrance to The Vatican, and I must say, if you get the chance, do visit The Vatican.


Just a short note to thank-all who made this experience possible.  If you have questions or contributions, please share with all of us at MRI!