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Roman Holiday, Touring with a Guide!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Dec 12, 2013
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Yes, it may cost you around $100 + per hour.  But in 4-5 hours one can see/do what it takes most people a week to do.  You can do it at your pace, see what you want or not, and save your legs!  Likewise, if you are concerned for safety, this is a wonderful way to "See the sights"


If you have comments or suggestions, please post them, as these are just my opinions and experiences on an afternoon in Rome!


To start with, a special thanks to The Grand Flora Concierge, she arranged this tour, and it was masterfully done.  Alessandra, and her co-workers were among the finest anywhere.  BTW, you can reach her at

That could save you a lot of time and money, she arranged to have a driver pick me up at the airport, and get me directly to the hotel, took her suggestion and then just Taxi'd back to airport.  (Cost with driver 80 EU, Taxi 40 EU).



The tour consisted of a driver and an English speaking guide.  The guide, Patrick Lucey, was from Ireland, and was extremely competent.  He can be reached at:


This guy "Knows his stuff" and made the afternoon most memorable!


We started by him coming to The GF, and a short discussion about what was desired to see, what not, how much/little walking was involved, etc., then it was "Off, to see Rome"!


First stop, The "Bernini, Trident Fountain", very pretty, just to drive by!


Then on to The Colosseum.  It was nice to park, get out, see what you wanted and then get back into a nice vehicle!


There were many stops that one would really probably not ever get to, nor, in my case have even thought of, but they were beautiful, here are a few:


At The Knights of Malta Fort, you can "Gaze thru this keyhole, and see The Vatican"!  Very interesting place!


Spent time overlooking The Roman Forum.  Fantastic time, discussing how The Romans congregated here.  There is a large "Circular stone" that one can see that depicts the vast size of the Roman Empire.  You could see where/how the Roman Legions would march into here after battles, and where people like Caesar would speak from.  This place is so cool!


This is the spot in the famous movie "Roman Holiday" Gregory Peck hands something to Audrey Hepburn (I have not seen the movie), but it was interesting.


Sights like The Victor Immanual Monument where stunning!


On then to The Vatican!  Will do a new post on The Vatican, as it deserves it's own post!