The Joy of Travel - It's All Relative

Discussion created by erc on Dec 11, 2013
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Well, as many of you know, I dragged the ERC gaggle out to the land of kharada and merb, Oahu. As meticulous a planner as Lakersfan (although I throw my lists away), I mapped out this trip long in advance booking a non-stop from IAD to HNL in February with IAHFLYR's fave, United. True to form, in April, United cancelled my flight without notice. But I, the overfed, long haired, leaping gnome that I am, caught them in the act since I've been trained to guard my aisle seats like the crown jewels. I charted Chicago weather and decided to fly thru Chicago to fly with my daughter, bypassing the west coast routes, but alas, I overlooked Dulles. Ice storm on  Sunday cancelled all types of flights, but thank goodness, I was flying Tuesday and the forecast (good until it isn't) called for fair weather on Tuesday, until Monday morning came along at which time an early morning ice/snow storm was now predicted. Wanting to avoid the infamous DC traffic in the snow hysteria, I booked the SpringHill Dulles, since the Dulles Marriott was full, which didn't upset me because depending on what room you're assigned, you can easily have a five-seven minute walk just to the lobby (and I was traveling with Mom, certainly, no Usain Bolt).
Well guess what? This was the time the forecasters nailed it down to the minute. Snow predicted at Dulles at 6am and sure enough, like clockwork, down it came, globs of it. Out to the tarmac we went and we sat and then we de-iced. Pilots normally sandbag their delay predictions so when a forecasted 30 minute delay is only 20, everyone is relieved, but this time the 20 minute delay went 40 and my 75 minute cushion for the ORD connection was painfully being eaten up. If we missed that connection, not only would we end up with 4 separate middle seats near the toilets, but we would arrive 8 hours after my Chicago daughter; not counting what it would cost me in dollars for what my starving artist, con man daughter, might attempt to weasel out of me.
The pilot made up some time during the flight, but we landed and exited 10 minutes after the HNL flight was scheduled to depart and  still had to go from concourse C to B. Knowing that it looked bad, but knowing that "it's not over, till it's over" a zen like feeling came over me, which I swear is a result from interacting with all of you road warrior Insiders. I calmly, but hastily, guided our band of gypsies with carry on bags (where's ssindc when you need him?) and facing a broken moving walkway, fully expected to book the dreaded flight to SFO and its lengthy layover, when lo and behold, the plane hadn't yet departed due to a maintenance issue with the wi-fi entertainment system. Talk about your cosmic irony, a technological Neanderthal saved by a high tech glitch.
Faced with what would have been a 21 hour travel day through the nine circles of travel hell, I was flushed with an enthusiastic eagerness about my upcoming 9 hour flight. As we often discuss right here on Insiders, it's all relative. Aloha from Oahu.