Roman Holiday, Shopping!

Discussion created by jerrycoin on Dec 11, 2013

When in Rome,




There is something for every budget and desire!


Let me share with you:


Not many places around the Grand Flora, but plenty around "The Spanish Steps" and "The Trevi Fountain" as well as "The Pantheon"!



Lon, at Vera Pelle, on the street in front of the Pantheon, has the most wonderful leather goods.  These are at low, low prices, compared to anywhere I  saw.  Bought purses and belts for prices in the $30-40 range that are classics.  He is a very nice guy, and speaks wonderful English, and is not pushy at all!  This was a great place to shop for gifts!



Plaza Navora, a open aired market with plenty of shops and bargains.  A pleasure, with a wonderful fountain and relaxing atmosphere!  These places tended to be bargains!


Now if you want to spend money, go to the street in front of the Spanish Steps,  The finest shopping in Rome!  A stop at this place will cost you $110 or more, oh well?



Now for great jewelry!


Andreas, owns two places just off The Trevi Fountain.  His staff is most wonderful at Murano Glass.  They have the best prices, speak English and are delightful.  He said "Bring on The MRI's, we will take good care of them"!



Joanna, as was most of the staff, from The Philippines, models a necklace I purchased for a gift.  She and the rest of the staff were wonderful, helpful and not pushy!  They don't work on commission!  Prices were good!


Enough about shopping, please add you comments or questions!  Don't forget you CAN get a tax refund before you leave.  If you want ask me, it is not easy!