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Roman Holiday!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Dec 10, 2013
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On a recent Rome "Special Occasion" here are a few things that I hope will help any Marriott Guest, if they have the pleasure of visiting Rome!


If anyone can contribute to this, please be my guest!  I would like to thank "The Professor" for motivating me to go back to Rome.  She was right, and I was wrong on "The Eternal City", her help, made it a fabulous trip!


Will try to divide the trip into a few other posts, based upon my stay at Grand Flora.  (There are other wonderful places to stay, but I don't know them0:


Traveling/to-from Airport








Let's start with getting there and back:


The Concierge Staff at Grand Flora arranged for a price to have a nice car pick me up at the Rome airport and take me to the hotel.  It was about $100

for the trip, but well worth having a direct vehicle to the hotel.


It was refreshing to have a nice car to take to the hotel!  BTW, a taxi was about $60 one way, so yes this is a more expensive.


Getting to The Grand Flora was scenic, there were plenty of wonderful sights to see:


This was historic on the way to the hotel.  This is were Mussolini gave talks, and the driver said "No good looking woman was safe in the area, or she would be invited to "Visit: him!


Upon arrival at the Grand Flora, when you are greeted by a professional lady such ad Alessandra, you are "Glad to be there"!


Now, they thought they did me a favor by giving me a nice room with a view.  But 418 was just that, but the street noise was overwhelming.  Thank goodness I checked out KH's room 620 and moved.  It was so quiet, no view of course, but a wonderful room.  I suggest, and told the staff, "If MRI suggest they stay in 620, they will not be saddened"!


On departure,  I stayed at the lovely Hilton at the airport.  That was a great move for an early morning flight.  As KH indicated, The Rome Airport leaves much to be desired.  It was important to be there THREE hours prior to departure or ?.


Will post other information shortly!


Will welcome anyones contributions!