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Marriott in Cuba?

Question asked by anadyr on Dec 10, 2013
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I wonder, based on nothing but speculation, if Marriott is considering opening on the Island of Cuba in the future?  As many of you older folks know, Havana was filled with American run hotels in the 1950's, the most notable being the Havana Hilton, where my cousin played piano before the revolution. After the arrival of Castro the hotel changed name and is still there.  (A fascinating non-fiction look at Cuba and the mob with emphasis on hotels and casinos in the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's can be found in Havana Nocturne by T. J. English.)  Of course I needed to immerse myself in all things Cuban when penning Anadyr.


Now I understand there are many hotels:  Trip Adviser currently has 71 hotels listed and rated.What would have to happen to make Cuba a Marriott destination? 

    • A Communist government does not eschew capitalism, but sometimes enjoys the dollars that it brings, call that step one.. 
    • The US embargo would need to be lifted, and all laws regarding spending dollars in Cuba suspended. 
    • Big ticket items for sure.
                      • And finally there would need to be a conscious decision to reenter a nation long closed and yet so different.ava

Just my thoughts.  How about yours?