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Roman Holiday, Dining!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Dec 11, 2013
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Please share your dining experiences here!


These are based upon staying at The Grand Flora.


Please take Professors advice and do NOT get "Herded into places along the Via Veneto, nor anyplace in Rome"!


Just say, "No Grazzi"! and walk on.


First of all, let's start at places close to the hotel.  And I must state that the hotel has wonderful room service!  BTW, if you like, you can opt out of going to breakfast, and have the same thing brought to your room, everyday, at no price (If you are of platinum grade).  This is a huge plus for us, we are never in a hurray and enjoy breakfast as we relax, and get ready for the day!



Harry's Bar, world famous, across the street, vino will cost $15 per glass, but you may see a celebrity!



Lotti, right behind the hotel, you can but a bottle of vino for less that a glass at Harry's!  Wonderful shop!


For a memorable meal and experience:


La Mirabelle, a short walk from the hotel.  This place is romantic and wonderful.


And for a dining experience just as good, visit one of the highest rated places to dine in the World.


La pergola, rated one of the best!  They are very friendly, professional, and the experience is memorable!


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