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Discussion created by erc on Dec 8, 2013
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My graphic designer daughter introduced me to Archie Archambault's work and his "Maps from the Mind". Now, whereas you're not going to use these to necessarily find your way to the parking lot of a baseball stadium, they are kind of interesting and appear to be somewhat geographically accurate (and pretty good for getting a feel of spatial relationships between neighborhoods).
Take a look and see what you think.
Here is his initial list of cities (I would imagine he intends to expand the list as long as the demand exists):
Amsterdam (perhaps where some of the creativity for this idea came from )
Atlanta/Austin/Boston/Brooklyn/Manhattan/New Orleans/Portland/San Francisco/Seattle/Solar System/DC
The specified item was not found. he's a neighbor of yours - what do you think of his Portland representation?
Click on this link for the maps - click on the map of interest then the red box Buy Now (don't worry - you don't buy) and use zoom
Just a background story about his work
Enjoy, as we Insiders attempt to get more in tune with our 'millennial' selves


ps - jerrycoin you've probably been to many of the Solar System places, how's the accuracy?