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We've all talked about how music has changed us and how travel has made us see life differently.  I live in a small enough apartment (though it's getting too small) that I have covered my walls with Shutterfly enlargements of my favorite travel photos, organized by theme or room (my living room is Egyptian; the hall is ecumenically religious; the dining room is ancient Greece; there is some miscellaneous stuff in between; and in my bedroom, everything has to have water in it, but from anywhere. So the two recent photos of the Grand Canal I reposted are there.


So is there ONE photo above all that you've taken that like music takes you back to a time and place that you will never forget?  Most of mine will, so it's a question of degree.  Here's mine and why. I'm listening to music now, and this is one of the three really large enlargements I've ordered (the other two from Mykonos).  This was my December 2010 trip to Egypt and specifically my 14-hour overday trip to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings.  I have so many Egypt photos, often quite dramatic, like the pyramids, the Colossi, the Valleys of the Kings and Queens and the Temples of Luxor and Karnak.


So why is this one special?  This was taken through a window at the bar of the Sonesta Hotel in Luxor of the Nile River with the feluccas, and the Valley of the Kings and Queens in the backdrop.  I remember so vividly after my Egyptologist finally left me off to wait for my ride to the airport back to Cairo.  I just kept staring out at the mountains in which I'd seen such amazing tombs (life-changing in the sense that I now teach a course on ancient Egypt), and thinking of that Western (dead) side where the sun went down, and the east side, in which I sat looking, oblivious to what would happen in three weeks (the revolution).


Finally, I left the bar to wait for my driver at the entrance, and suddenly encountered tons of photographers as beautiful women in various dress and head coverings or not entered and went through metal detectors.  One of those women was Suzanne Mubarak, and I learned later from my driver that she had been hosting a conference in Luxor on human trafficking.


There's nothing particularly magical except to me in this photo, but it remembers history past, present and future, and a beautiful time I had in Egypt with great people.  Whenever I look at it I am transported back to that day and remember every single detail. ProfChiara100_0677_1.JPG