The Bird Man of Carmel

Discussion created by anadyr on Dec 6, 2013

Yes I will admit it, I am quick to judge people based on how they look and what they do. A person I know is "eccentric" to say the least, he's often walking Carmel's streets with a tropical bird perched on his shoulder. He's fond of technicolor pants, wild shirts, and well, you get the picture. We've had our chats, normally at one of the local hangouts, but it was light, not really "the in-depth" conversations that we have from time to time, even with total strangers.


This fellow is a man of many talents, and as shown in his bio, a man who has done and continues to do great things around the world.


So, pardon my premature judging, and in this holiday season, I need to dig deeper, seeing the good in everyone everywhere.