Dreams, and their costs

Discussion created by anadyr on Dec 7, 2013
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For a time I toyed with the idea of owning a vineyard. 

Well, that was because a good friend, over a bottle  of his excellent estate-bottled 95 rated Rhone, told me how enjoyable it was.

He neglected to tell me the costs (he's uber wealthy), the hassle, the mechanics and the legal issues that are entailed. It takes 400 days a year to manage one and there are only 365 most years in which to do it.

Once I figured that Marriott Rewards points could not be cashed in for the purchase I was bereft, and yes, uncorked. I now content myself with visiting his tasting room, buying a bottle or two, and resting comfortably in the shadow of his wonderful vintages.


In case you need one more example of what's involved, here's a case to ponder (get it?)