Top Ten Hotel Trends for Next Year

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An interesting article about the upcoming lodging trends for next year. We Insiders have already observed how closely aligned Marriott is with many of these trends; one, the growth of international leisure travelers, CEO Sorenson is the go to source. We've certainly seen/lived Marriott's emphasis on millennials, mobile, review management, social media interaction, international focus, and web site enhancement. I am eager to observe the momentum next year of the effect of the trends of foodies, WOW customer service, and genuine guest interaction.


I am also fascinated by the burgeoning, perhaps all encompassing utilization of Big Data; be it Adara  the demographic marketing research firm for hoteliers, or the TrustYou or sites below that specifically help companies manage reputations and  recommendations (Insiders?) . It gives me a better understanding of why every time I go on a site or write an e-mail, I have a Marriott ad in the right column.


I would greatly enjoy Insiders sharing their thoughts, this may actually help us craft future travel strategies - thank you



Below is a Summary - the article above is, of course, much better

Top 10 Hospitality Industry Trends in 2014

By Robert Rauch, CHA

Millennials - looking for unique experience, willing to pay, foodies a big subset


Speed and precision  - booking, check-in, Wi-Fi, response to customer service


WOW customer service - exceeding expectations helps ensure repeat business


Leadership - execs instilling in associates the value of genuine interaction w/guests


Expectation of more int'l visitors - Sorenson:100 million Chinese travel/10 ml. to US


Social media and mobile will be inseparable - Mobile everything, 1st time exceeds desktop


Content marketing will replace traditional advertising - less ads, more 'publishing'


Renewed focus on property websites - highest ROI thru own site; content, updates, incentives


Review site tactics - actively interact w/Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Places etc


Reputation Management - manage thru tech