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How's your work environment?

Question asked by erc on Dec 6, 2013
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I posted this on the Washingtonian's 50 Great Places to Work post yesterday at lunchtime and crowds gathered, the switchboards were jammed, and the web site crashed, as a grand total of three people saw it. Now, just in case anyone was interested (and if they're not - that's cool also) here's a re-post with the above Attention Grabbing Headline.



It's posted as a question, because the cyberking says, "this encourages people to answer for points and helps you track answers", really, how?  (let me know if you want points and I'll mark your answer as correct or helpful - of course, those with gift card bribes will no doubt move up the food chain, just sayin' )       Have at it.....or not



I just saw on CNBC Robert Hohman, former CEO of Hotwire and co-founder of Glassdoor Companies & Reviews | Glassdoor which is somewhat like a TripAdvisor for workplace environments. Marriott comes out pretty strong   Marriott Reviews | Glassdoor


It's an interesting site, and folks might want to look up their company