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15 biggest souvenir-buying no-no's15 biggest souvenir-buying no-no's

Question asked by eb5147 on Dec 3, 2013
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15 biggest souvenir-buying no-no's


By Chuck Thompson, CNN
updated 2:18 AM EST, Fri February 8, 2013
  • Don't guilt family and friends into hanging on to gifts you wouldn't want No items you wouldn't want to get or wouldn't proudly display in your own home.
  • Avoid shopping at the airport
  • Plush toys and designer sea salt are out
  • Are you really sure they want that scorpion alcohol?
  • No leftover foreign coins as "souvenirs" or collectibles. This is worse than giving nothing, because it shows how lazy you are.    (I like them.)
  • No athletic jerseys, caps or visors. Especially visors. And Beckham. And Messi.
  • No Eiffel Towers, Statues of Liberties, Mt. Rushmores, Taj Mahals, Aussie koalas, Chairman Maos or anything that would fit perfectly in the back of a closet or bottom of a drawer.
  • No key chains, coasters, mugs or plates. And, whatever you do, no double-whammy Eiffel Tower key chains.
  • No more little bags of rock, black, sea or flavored salt. The whole designer salt thing is done.
  • No bottles filled with sand, coral bits, shells or pebbles.
  • No items that require assembly, watering, sunlight, maintenance, lubrication or refrigeration. Or excessive explanation.
  • No "I (heart)" anything. Even if you do.
  • No books. We believe you, it was an amaaaaaazing art exhibit. We just don't have 37 hours to spend reading about it.
  • No traditional ethnic clothing for non-ethnics.
  • No plastic leis.

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