The Art of the Travel Deal

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Observing how many of us in eager anticipation jumped into the Marriott CyberMonday offering (and doesn't it feel great when you hit the sweet spot like Pluto did on the Seattle Waterfront!), I thought it would be worthwhile to share other good deal sites. Coming off the resounding thud of replies of my last post on restaurant holiday gift card savings (only I replied, thanks erc, but over 250 views, so who knows, maybe someone got a deal) , I'm anything if not persistent (besides, it feels good when I stop).
Here are some travel and activity sites (several shared with me by other Insiders) that have enhanced my travels and may be of value to you. I have had good success both locally and to my travel cities and knock on wood, have not yet had a clunker.  Great for meals, activities like bike riding, kayaking, tours etc. Take a look. Please share some of your favorites as well.   Excellent for deals throughout the US - I'm using one for Hawaii  Great for places all throughout the United Kingdom - hotels, meals, activities     upper left under amazon local - click Honolulu and choose a city  As many of you know, this is my go to site for deals on activities. This is great for catching a general admission show half price and pairing it with a local Cat. 4 Marriott certificate and a great meal. By luck, I once landed the Janis Joplin show at Arena Stage (now on Broadway) for $6 total, so sometimes they throw some real whoppers in there.
Because I'm apparently not clever enough to provide the link without direct access to my first born's social security number, mom's maiden name and Binky, my pet giraffe's name, I can only provide you with the address, not the link - but you know these anyway.   Since Ted Leonsis (AOL, Caps, Wizards, etc) and his team got involved this has picked up steam again and is worth a look if you left previously   - Based in DC, the weaker (financially) competitor, but still an occasional worthwhile deal  - This has value for the casual meal. It's offer is $25 of food (must usually spend $37.50) for $10, but I have never paid more than $6, mostly $4, as they have 'sales' three or four times a month. It does pop the occasional fine dining spot like Brabo in Alexandria, but it's biggest value is the neighborhood spot that you love or want to try.  Sometimes you can get great prices on previews (which often open in Chicago and you are pretty confident they'll be hits). I also like to pair these deals with my 'first team' Broadway purchases (where you pay through the nose). If I'm paying for a NY Marriott hotel (although the Renaissance Times Square still has some nice $139 AAA Sunday rates thru March) I want to amortize that cost with the headliner at night and a nice matinee (using this site). A Gentleman's Guide to Love in Murder is getting great reviews and I was able to secure some good early show prices and seats.
and my latest, which I'm very interested in checking out when I return from dinner with the kharadas   (I got a half price membership through one of the links above). Like at the Oscars, these guys pair up with venues that want warm bodies and offer Free seats (sometimes only 1 or 2 days notice, sometimes 2 or 3 weeks). I'll let you know if it's as good as I'm hoping it is.