Burma Shave Signs for Marriott Rewards

Discussion created by anadyr on Dec 3, 2013
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Ok punsters, someone mentioned Burma Shave signs that dotted the rural two-laners in the past.

Got me thinking maybe we could have a Marriott Burma Shave sign contest.  Normally there were four short lines, one on each sign, leading to the finale, with the Burma Shave tag. 


As in

Sign one- A guy who drives...

Sign two- his car wide open...

Sign three- is not thinkin'...

Sign Four- he's just hopin'.

Tag line- Burma Shave

With all the intellectual power out there perhaps we can have a little holiday fun and make up a four sign ditty or  two about Marriott or Marriott Rewards.  First prize will be an instant elevation to Rhodium Elite Status (as soon as it is created, which might not be for a couple light years), and all the perks attendant thereto.

No nasty ones please. Keep those to yourself.