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Pets at the Residence Inn properties

Question asked by specialkdm119 on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by politicalman

I recently just finished a 6 month stay at a Residence Inn property.  When I first moved in there were only a couple of guests with pets.   Now the location has become a full blown kennel.  I could see an acceptable pet policy in an oversized property where pet owners could be separated from guests who prefer not to have them but the inner-mingling is going to prove to be problematic in the long run.   Moreover, some pet owners just won't be respectful--dogs running around unleashed, no courtesy granted to guests when going in and out of the doors, excessive barking/growling, not using the designated pet areas and the list goes on.  Everyone in the location thinks their pet is the best, but are you really a responsible pet owner if you leave  them unattended in a hotel room all day while off to work you go??  I asked the manager about placing pet owners in a specific section of the hotel, away from guests who don't have pets and he replied that due to the multiple room types in the property it wasn't possible.   Hmmmm.  I wonder how long it will be before a property that doesn't accept pets becomes the new place to stay.


Especially since there were more non-pet owners at this property than ones who owned them.   Marriott should address this issue.