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Platinum Arrival Gift question

Question asked by onedale on Dec 2, 2013
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Platinum Arrival Gift question


I checked into The Southfield Mi Marriott,

I had three rooms booked and I asked the lady if each room would receive the 500 points on my rewards number since I was paying for the rooms.

The lady at the desk promised me that I would receive all three for a total of 1500 points.


Upon check out and after posting I only received only 500 points and did not get the credit for the other two rooms.


Does anyone know what the actual Marriott rule is on this?

Should I have received all three or only the one.


I contacted the Southfield Marriott they told me that I was only entitled to one and their person miss spoke.

I wanted a second opinion on this so I am posting here to get your thoughts on it.