Turkey response

Discussion created by profchiara on Dec 1, 2013

ALAS!!! I got cut off posting (it said something like I was done in, alas, alas), and could not post my response about my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner.  Happily since I love turkey it is also my favorite part of Christmas and Easter dinner, so I will try again!


I'm a stuffing fanatic (though we called it filling in Philly when I grew up).  I'm very traditional on this except that I use whole grain wheat bread.  I cook onions and celery in chicken broth (salt free) until the simmer has my cat going crazy.  I've already chopped up a loaf of wheat bread into half inch pieces, then sprinkled them with A LOT OF GROUND PEPPER (that's my thing), sage, fennel seed, poultry seasoning, and a diced apple (I don't cook that).  Sometimes I add sausage.  I admit to preferring the stuffing in the turkey, but I tend to make too much stuffing and the turkey becomes ever more rotund. So Thursday I cooked the stuffing separately for the first time.  I admit it didn't taste so good that day.  But the second, third and fourth days, when I reheated it with the turkey cuttings and added chicken broth, it tasted a whole lot better even on its own.


Even so, I have to say, a well-cooked turkey white meat is still my favorite. But then I'm the kind of person who could gain wait on the Atkins' diet!