Excellent Reservations Agent

Discussion created by robertjohnson on Dec 1, 2013
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I have had the pleasure of speaking with Treasure.  Treasure is located in the San Antonio reservations office.  I called in needing help, figured it would be easier to call in than to book everything online. 

I had a very "tricky" reservation.   You see my wife and I are flying into Germany to pick up a BMW that I custom ordered.  We are going to pick it up and drive through multiple countries and "see and do".  Then return the car to a shipping dock for our flight home. 

Treasure and I stayed on the line for well over an hour and she made me 8 reservations.  Two to three nights in each city.  She was so helpful in providing information about the different destinations along our routes.  I personally would love to find out how I can have Treasure take care of me for all of my travels within Marriott. 

She truly is an asset to the organization, loves what she does, and personifies the underlying philosophy behind Marriotts Spirit to Serve! 

Bob and Ingrid Johnson