Look No Further Guarantee Really Works

Discussion created by vaboywnder on Nov 26, 2013
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I was looking for a deal tonight ($120 or less) on a hotel in the Fairfax, VA area for one weekday night in early December.  As most folks who travel in this area knows that weekday rates are usually high in Northern VA and weekend rates are very cheap.  Since I was striking out on Marriott's website for a deal I decided to see what kind of results I could get from Google's Hotel Rate Finder ( ).


After using the Google Hotel Tool I found a deal which was on the website " " for Spring Hill Suites in Fairfax for $84.45 and the Marriott website listed the same room at $149.  I then decided to give the "Look No Further Guarantee" a try and followed the instructions from the website:

I made my reservation at Marriott.Com at the higher rate of $149 and then filled out the online claim form at 1:10am thinking I may hear something back the next business day.  In less than 15min after submitting the claim I received a response back at 1:24am stating my claim has been approved and that the rate on my reservation has been updated to $63.33 which includes a 25% additional discount for submitting a successful claim.  I was really surprised how quick and easy this was.  Thank you Marriott!