Storm stories?

Discussion created by profchiara on Nov 27, 2013
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I hate to sound like the Weather Channel, but here I am ensconced in my apartment as they used to say (for no reason I can now see) snug as a bug in a rug with my kitty.  We didn't get that much rain or wind in Maine (I think the storm took a turn east after Boston/Cape Cod), and the hourly forecast is for what little we have to end by this evening.  It is, however, bizarrely warm, though that won't last.


I'm staying in for Thanksgiving -- football and turkey for me and my cat tomorrow (she's not as interested in football as her predecessor cat, but does love the turkey part.  As soon as she smells onions and celery cooking and the turkey start to cook, she starts running around in circles meowing at me. 


But I'm sure some of you have experienced significant storm stories.  I hope you all get or got to your destinations, but were there any interesting highlights on the way?


Happy Thanksgiving to all!rm