What (if anything) would you change about your life or your past?

Discussion created by profchiara on Nov 25, 2013
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I saw a recent "Existential" post that was apparently about a spam that I missed, but that led me to ask this question. I realize it could be too personal, so feel free or not to share the more interesting or unusual thoughts you have.


My main thought is that I would change nothing, because I am who I am, where I am and what I am because of all the experiences, good and bad, that have happened to me over time -- and usually strengthened me as a person.  Of course I would like it if all my joints weren't literally falling apart from no longer existent cartilage, but since my doctor has suggested that is genetic, I don't think I caused it.


In the moment, I've often thought I wouldn't have gotten married (I am since divorced x 2, long ago) since I never really wanted to be. I truly am a hermit, and have been since childhood. But when I thought of how NOT having done so would have changed my life in various ways, then I decided no, I'd go through it again, because if nothing else I had wonderful cats. Plus (maybe because I love time travel fiction and films), changing one thing might have changed everything.


What if women could have been sports writers in 1970? That still is a bit of a sore point, especially after the delicious win of the Pats over the Broncos last night.  But then I wouldn't have read a great historical novel when I was 23 and decided to go to college and grad school to be a historian.  And it is unlikely I ever would have traveled anywhere outside of the US significantly!


As a historian, I love 'what ifs' even if they don't mean much. They at least make us reflect upon our lives. I'd do it all over, with only a few miniscule tweaks that wouldn't change the final result.


What about all of you?