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Security Concern At Property

Question asked by frequentstaymarriott on Nov 25, 2013
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New to this blog, but long-time Marriott Platinum.


Property I stay at every month for the last 4 years has definite main door security problems and I would like to ask if anyone knows a Marriott person/number to contact before a guest gets harmed?  I called "Customer Care" and they were singularly unmoved and unconcerned.  Property management seems to cheap to get a permanent fix--perhaps until a guest is robbed or worse.


An old (25 years, but now Cat 4!) Residence Inn that was just cosmetically renovated.  Unfortunately, major structural defects remain. During latest stay, one of the main building outside access door's latch broke and remained UNLOCKED for the better part of 3 days and nights while staff tried to patch it back up.  And, this is the third time, in just my experience, this has happened with one or another of the outside doors.