Differing views: One night stays to extended stays

Discussion created by impresario07 on Nov 25, 2013
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I've not been a Marriott Rewards member for a long time (3 months), but I've reached Gold status in a short time (and hope to make Platinum before the year ends). I have followed MRI a little bit each day and I've noticed a strange disparity that deserves recognition: Should one-night stay guests have the same weight of rating a hotel?


I think, for the most part, one-night stayers tend to rate hotels higher than those of us who stay for stretches of time. I think when we stay for at least a week, insiders have a better view of how well the cleaning staff does, how well the front desk staff knows the area (for dining requests or attractions) or the workings of the hotel (for maintenance and general complaints) and how all the features of the location function; including dining staff, laundry, pool, gym, etc.


One-night stayers don't get the full view of the hotel and are basing their rating off of a quicker view. Maybe you interacted with a particularly good (or bad) front desk employee and that significantly impacted the rating, but in reality the rest of the staff are the opposite of this one individual you interacted with. Is there any way to add a feature to show if the stay was a longer term (other than if the rater mentions it in their review)? That way I would find it more reliable than the ratings that are based off one-time interactions. Also, some features (like laundry and possibly the gym) are rarely used by one-night stayers. These things are integral to my hotel stay experience, but don't get any note in the reviews.


What's your take? Have you read reviews that give 5 stars, but after staying a few nights, you find a lot more flaws than the reviewer could have seen in one night? Should their be a tag saying how long the stay was and what features they are basing it on? (That way it could be filtered to see all reviews of the laundry, pool, or gym and raters who don't use the service can mark it as N/A so you know what their rating is based on)